This photo shoot was taken several months ago and I didn’t have time to edit as well as upload them so the style looks quite old. I wasn’t really happy with this outfit either. If I had more time I probably would have put more accessories and change the red top. I just dyed my hair red so it looks so weird with the red top.

I chose this look randomly because I didn’t have enough time to prepare. But in overall it’s not bad. I love to combine leather pants with maxi dress and leather high heel shoes. That seems to be the best part that I am satisfied with in this shoot.
It was a sunny day and I did have so much fun with my friends. I find writing blog in English about fashion very difficult. I don’t know many fashion words so if I did any mistake please forgive me 🙂 I hope to develop my blog in the future and will interact with a lot of bloggers. So please feel free to write comment. Love your support.

Have a nice weekend everyone! 😀
Click ”Next” for more photos! Cheers xxxxx

Làm vài quả kỉ niệm trong dịp được đè đầu cưỡi cổ chen chúc với cô dâu chú dể đang chụp ảnh cưới =)))) Tất nhiên may lắm là có người xem ảnh chứ chả có ma nào đọc mình lải nhải đâu nhưng hẹn các anh chị em trong đợt seri ảnh cổ tới của em… Chúc ace một tuần mới ăn no ngủ kĩ 🙂 xxx


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